Tooth repair is a service that most people need at some point in their lives. After all, a tooth can chip or break after chewing on something hard or from a strong impact. Regardless of the events that lead to a broken tooth, the need for a dentist who can repair it is important. Thankfully, Dentistry by Design’s tooth repair services in Richardson, Texas can help. Learn more about our dental services today.

Why Do Teeth Break or Chip?

Most people think of their teeth as some of the hardest bones in the body. In reality, they aren’t bones but highly mineralized tissues. In fact, teeth are much harder than bones because of the enamel that covers them.

If teeth are so hard, though, why do people need tooth repair? Over time, the foods that people eat wear out the enamel coating. When there’s little or none left, the teeth become susceptible to all kinds of damage, including breaks and chips.

Can A Dentist Fix a Broken or Chipped Tooth?

Just because a tooth breaks doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road for that tooth. A good dentist with general dentistry has many options to repair it, including:

  • Fillings
  • Bondings
  • Crowns or caps
  • Veneers

Dentists can tell people which options are the best for their situations. Keeping that in mind, sometimes teeth suffer too much damage, so dentists have to remove them. For that reason, it’s important to see a dentist as soon as you notice your need for broken or chipped tooth repair. Waiting to schedule a visit only increases the risk that the tooth suffers more damage.

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Dental Fillings and Bondings

dental filling is only possible for small breaks and chips. In general, dentists use fillings for the tops of teeth. They actually use the same process as when they fill cavities. A dental bonding, however, is slightly different.

Bonding is an option to repair chipped or broken front teeth. Because of its location, the damaged tooth is often visible to others when they smile. As a result, filling isn’t the best repair solution.

Dental bonding is a general dentistry service that doesn’t require any kind of numbing. During the process, the dentist roughs up the front of the tooth. Then, he or she attaches material to what remains using a bonding adhesive.

Next, the dentist covers the attached material with a tooth-colored resin. This resin makes the repaired tooth blend in with the rest of the teeth. The goal is to make the material look as natural as possible. Of course, it isn’t an option if there isn’t enough tooth left for the dentist to bond the material to.

Count on Dentistry By Design

Your smile is important to you, and we want to help you keep it. For this reason, we offer tooth repair services at our dental practice in Richardson, TX. Our staff puts your needs first. In fact, we put a great deal of value into old-fashion caring. We’ll treat you with the respect and care that we would want from others.

Of course, a dental office is only as good as the services that it offers. Because of that, Dentistry by Design offers many services. Dr. Brad Tiner will also work closely with you to ensure that you receive the attention that you deserve. Some of our services include:

Don’t let a broken tooth turn into something even worse. Learn more about how to find Richardson, TX tooth repair that you can count on. Call Dentistry by Design at (972) 694-4823 for a family-friendly dentist who puts your needs first.