Improve your smile with Lumineers

When you want to improve the look of your smile, Dentistry By Design offers multiple options to meet your needs. Among these options are porcelain veneers. By choosing Lumineers you receive the bright, attractive smile you want in only a few visits.

What are Lumineers ?

Lumineers are the highest quality of porcelain veneers. Dentists and patients throughout the U.S. trust Lumineers for permanent smile improvement. At the same time, you avoid the more extreme tooth surface reduction required for traditional veneers. Lumineers’ patented micro-thin shells enable you to upgrade your smile without permanent damage to your teeth.

Your dentist, Dr. Brad Tiner, provides cosmetic dentistry Richardson Texas residents have come to trust. During your consultation, he explains the process of veneer placement and listens to your smile goals. Together, you find the right solution for your budget and interests.

Using Lumineers helps you achieve the smile you want by covering stains, chips and other issues on your teeth. Whereas other veneers require the dentist to shave or grind down natural tooth material to make room for the resurfacing, Lumineers require little to no reduction. Because these coverings are 0.2 mm thin, your veneer decision is reversible.

Once you gain your new, white and attractive smile with Lumineers you will feel confident in your decision. One of the best features of these branded veneers is their lifetime of 20 years or longer. The wafers apply easily but remain resilient to daily wear and tear. They rarely stain and stay white to maintain your youthful appearance.

Happy young lady after having lumineers

Does Lumineers Placement Hurt?

Your Lumineer application does not hurt. The whole process is pain free. You do not experience a period of breaking in your new smile and simply return to your normal everyday routine after your dental visit.

Once you receive your new smile, you will not believe the confidence boost it provides. You achieve a permanently white and perfectly shaped smile that requires no difficult maintenance. You care for your Lumineers just like you do your natural teeth. Brush twice daily, floss in between teeth, and see your dentist two times each year.

Will Lumineers Straighten My Teeth?

Your Richardson, TX dentist at Dentistry By Design helps you understand what Lumineers can do for your unique smile. For some people, these new tooth surfaces straighten and improve the appearance of misshapen teeth. They help you achieve a uniform smile and possibly take the place of braces.

Dr. Tiner provides a consultation to help you know whether Lumineers will give your teeth a straighter appearance. If they cannot work for you in this way, your Dentistry By Design dentist offers advice about other cosmetic dental procedures and treatment options.

Your Next Steps to a Brighter Smile

If you have interest in our services, schedule a visit with Dr. Brad Tiner at Dentistry By Design. Dr. Tiner provides a range of dental treatments and services in Richardson. These include:

Call Dentistry By Design now at (972) 694-4823 to schedule your consultation and discuss Lumineers in Richardson TX with Dr. Tiner. You can have the smile of your dreams through cosmetic dental options like Lumineers.