Restorative Dentistry Care Options

Your smile is a work of art. Therefore, finding the right dentist will help to keep it that way, or give you the extra touch that you truly deserve. While many dental offices provide a wide number of dental services, it can still be difficult to find someone who has the level of detail that you’re looking for. At Dentistry By Design, you finally have your answer for restorative dentistry.

Dr. Tiner has perfected his techniques and technological skills to provide excellent restorations that enhance both your smile’s beauty as well as its health. Choose between:

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Explained at Dentistry By Design in Richardson, Texas

Learn About Dental Implants at Dentistry By Design - Richardson, TX

An implant is a replacement for your natural tooth that’s no longer fixable. So, if you have a root canal that’s failed or a tooth that’s broken, an implant is the best alternative to replacing your tooth. If you just have one tooth that’s missing, we can do a single tooth implant to replace it. If you’ve got multiple teeth that are failing then we have the option of doing an implant bridge and restore your function back to where you were before. If you have a denture that’s uncomfortable and is moving around in your mouth, we can use implants to give you better function. People who have teeth that just aren’t fixable, let’s say all of their top teeth are just bad and so that’s a great candidate for an all on four. We remove all the teeth we put in four implants and then we attach a new set of teeth to those four implants. The all-on-four technique allows for you to have a new smile new teeth all the same day. To replace a tooth that’s broken, we take the tooth out. We place bone graft material which allows the site to heal and get strong. Once it’s fully healed, we come back we put an implant in and then we make a crown that screws into the implant when it’s all ready to go. If somebody has medical conditions or gum disease those things need to be evaluated. Most of the time we can work through that. We can get past those barriers. People want to know if implants hurt and most of the time implant placement is much easier than doing a root canal. We have different options to make you if you’re anxious to make you comfortable whether it’s sedation or nitrous any of those things. Patients will come in and ask hey doc how do I get teeth in a day. I see this stuff on tv all the time it still needs time to heal and integrate before we make a crown but you can usually do the implant in the same day. If you have an emergency, you have a broken tooth you’ve fallen or in pain and the tooth needs to come out, we can handle it for you we can help you we get you out of pain sometimes we can put the implant at the same time sometimes we have to graft and let it heal just depends on everybody’s situation. Implants don’t always involve extraction. Let’s say you’ve been missing a tooth for several years you just haven’t got around to getting it fixed, that’s a great solution for an implant. If the bone is healthy, we don’t even have to graft we can place the implant let it heal for about a few months and then come back and put your crown on. At dentistry by design, we use CEREC 3D imaging to help create your crown for the final implant and make it look like a natural tooth. Maybe 10-15 years ago our first thing we would have said was okay we’re going, going, to do a bridge which means we have to cut down the teeth that may be perfectly healthy so guess what you’re replacing those every five to ten years. With the advantage of the implant, we don’t have to do those mess with those teeth next to it. They’re not going to decay for the most part they’re not going to break it helps prevent you from aging prematurely. It’s not going to discolour it’s going to stay the same shape same position it’s not going to move. If you have more questions about your individual situation, give us a call, make an appointment sit down with me and we’ll go over it and see what we can do to help you out.

Our in-house 3D cone beam scanner enhances the implant placement process – making it a reality for more people than ever before. Implants can replace one tooth, or all of them. They’re stronger than even the healthiest of teeth.

Same Day CEREC Crowns

Not every dentist who offers same-day crowns can provide the exceptional level of skill that CEREC requires. Dr. Tiner’s single visit restorations and techniques have been perfected for impeccable teeth crowns and even dental implants.  


Composite teeth fillings offer a minimally invasive alternative to traditional metal restorations that contain mercury. We match the shade of your white filling so that it blends with the rest of your tooth.


Gorgeous dental bridges can replace your missing tooth, adding integrity to your bite and preserving natural spacing. Each one is hand designed to look and feel as close to the real thing as possible.


Enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile again with our variety of removable and permanent dentures. Implant supported prostheses are also available!

Find out for yourself why we aren’t like other dentists in North Texas. Dr. Tiner is just as much of an artist as he is an oral health specialist for restorative dentistry. Call us today at (972) 694-4823 to schedule your next visit!