Enhancing Smiles Through Art and Science

At Dentistry By Design, we give our patients the best care possible by investing in the latest dental technologies available. Dr. Brad Tiner is a “gadget guy,” and has been acknowledged as being in the top 1% of dentists using available technology! At our Richardson, TX dental practice, you can rely on us to give you comfortable, safe, and efficient care!

Cutting Edge Dental Technology in Richardson, TX

We utilize a variety of different dental technologies to provide our patients with the best solution for their unique, individual needs, including:

Cerec at at dentistry by design


CEramic REConstruction is an in-office milling machine we use to create your permanent teeth crowns on-site. This means patients who need porcelain crowns can have their restorative dentistry services completed in only one visit to our Richardson office.

Hard and Soft Tissue Lasers

At our Richardson, TX dental practice, Dr. Tiner can perform gum and bone procedures with our state-of-the-art laser technology. He’s well trained in a variety of laser dentistry services—from treating gum disease to crown lengthening. Lasers have been used in dental practices for years, and they are very safe. In fact, patients who have laser treatments experience less bleeding, discomfort, and anxiety!

The Wand

We strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible. Dr. Tiner uses The Wand, which is a computer-assisted injection tool. The Wand assuages the discomfort associated with traditional injections. It’s a small pen-like device that controls the administration of the anesthetic. The Wand enhances the comfort of our patients in two ways: first, by achieving more precise injections and second, by allowing improved delivery of the anesthetic. Most patients are amazed at what a difference The Wand makes.

Dental chair at dentistry by design

3D Digital X-Rays

The professionals at Dentistry By Design take your X-rays digitally, which is the safest form of radiography available. We place sensors in your mouth, which acquire images of your teeth and gums. These dental X-rays are then sent directly to our computers. We can examine these digital images immediately, and we can also view them in higher magnification and different angles. Because contrast and density are so much better, it’s very easy for Dr. Tiner to diagnose oral health issues such as gum disease, cavities, and root canal infections.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras help us examine your mouth in detail. It’s just another way Dentistry By Design ensures the oral health of our patients! The camera is about the size of a dental mirror, and it allows us to zoom in on your teeth, especially problem areas, to view in real-time any issues you have. The images are sent to a computer screen, which our patients can view at the time we’re doing the exam.

Pano X-Ray Device

Learn More About Dental Technology with Dentistry By Design

At Dentistry by Design in Richardson, TX, we use the latest developments in dental technology to help our patients improve their oral health. In addition to the services mentioned above, we also offer general dentistry services Dallas residents trust, including:

To learn more about dental technology, contact Dentistry By Design today by calling (972) 694-4823. We look forward to speaking with you!