A Newer Approach to Care: Laser Dentistry

There’s a lot more to laser dentistry than “drill-free fillings” or minimally invasive care. With the advancement of various types of hard and soft tissue dental lasers, Dr. Tiner is able to provide our patients with newer approaches to care that result in greater outcomes and decreased discomfort. In fact, laser dentistry is a cutting-edge and highly effective dental care option.

By investing in three separate types of lasers, Dentistry By Design is able to provide a variety of dental services like:

Soft Tissue Recontouring

If your smile looks “gummy” or your teeth appear uneven due to the natural gum lines, gingival recontouring can recreate a healthy, even margin along your teeth. It’s a great complement to other types of procedures such as crowns or veneers. The process is fairly quick, comfortable, and doesn’t hurt the way traditional recontouring does, which is done with a scalpel.

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A tight frenum (the “line” of skin just inside the middle of the upper and lower lips, or under the tongue) can impact your speech or even cause gum recession. It may even interfere with an infant’s ability to nurse. Thankfully, lasers eliminate surgical methods for loosening the skin, and there’s next to no recovery time needed.

Cold Sores or Aphthous Ulcers

A bothersome cold sore can stay put for 10 days or longer. As soon as you feel one popping up, call our office. Dr. Tiner can treat the sore in its earliest stages, drastically reducing its duration and discomfort. It takes just a few seconds!

Drill-Free Fillings

Depending on the size and location of your cavity, it may be possible to prepare your tooth with a laser instead of more conventional methods. These smaller restorations are comfortable, typically do not require any anesthesia, and are great for kids!

Just because a dentist says they use “lasers” doesn’t mean they perform all aspects of laser dentistry. Find out for yourself what advanced care feels like at Dentistry By Design in Richardson.

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