If you have missing teeth, dental implants are an answered prayer. Instead of relying on a removable prosthesis or wearing down healthy teeth to support a bridge, implants replace your individual tooth.

Each implant anchors firmly into your jaw, with a biocompatible prosthetic root, just like a real tooth. As new bone forms around it, your restoration becomes stronger than even the healthiest teeth. A crown is then screwed into the implant to complete the restoration. Whether you are replacing a single tooth or all of them, implants are now considered the highest standard of care for full mouth rehabilitation.

Dental Implants Explained at Dentistry By Design in Richardson, Texas

Learn About Dental Implants at Dentistry By Design - Richardson, TX

An implant is a replacement for your natural tooth that’s no longer fixable. So, if you have a root canal that’s failed or a tooth that’s broken, an implant is the best alternative to replacing your tooth. If you just have one tooth that’s missing, we can do a single tooth implant to replace it. If you’ve got multiple teeth that are failing then we have the option of doing an implant bridge and restore your function back to where you were before. If you have a denture that’s uncomfortable and is moving around in your mouth, we can use implants to give you better function. People who have teeth that just aren’t fixable, let’s say all of their top teeth are just bad and so that’s a great candidate for an all on four. We remove all the teeth we put in four implants and then we attach a new set of teeth to those four implants. The all-on-four technique allows for you to have a new smile new teeth all the same day. To replace a tooth that’s broken, we take the tooth out. We place bone graft material which allows the site to heal and get strong. Once it’s fully healed, we come back we put an implant in and then we make a crown that screws into the implant when it’s all ready to go. If somebody has medical conditions or gum disease those things need to be evaluated. Most of the time we can work through that. We can get past those barriers. People want to know if implants hurt and most of the time implant placement is much easier than doing a root canal. We have different options to make you if you’re anxious to make you comfortable whether it’s sedation or nitrous any of those things. Patients will come in and ask hey doc how do I get teeth in a day. I see this stuff on tv all the time it still needs time to heal and integrate before we make a crown but you can usually do the implant in the same day. If you have an emergency, you have a broken tooth you’ve fallen or in pain and the tooth needs to come out, we can handle it for you we can help you we get you out of pain sometimes we can put the implant at the same time sometimes we have to graft and let it heal just depends on everybody’s situation. Implants don’t always involve extraction. Let’s say you’ve been missing a tooth for several years you just haven’t got around to getting it fixed, that’s a great solution for an implant. If the bone is healthy, we don’t even have to graft we can place the implant let it heal for about a few months and then come back and put your crown on. At dentistry by design, we use CEREC 3D imaging to help create your crown for the final implant and make it look like a natural tooth. Maybe 10-15 years ago our first thing we would have said was okay we’re going, going, to do a bridge which means we have to cut down the teeth that may be perfectly healthy so guess what you’re replacing those every five to ten years. With the advantage of the implant, we don’t have to do those mess with those teeth next to it. They’re not going to decay for the most part they’re not going to break it helps prevent you from aging prematurely. It’s not going to discolour it’s going to stay the same shape same position it’s not going to move. If you have more questions about your individual situation, give us a call, make an appointment sit down with me and we’ll go over it and see what we can do to help you out.

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Why Choose Us

Dr. Tiner has extensive experience in the field of dental implantology. Furthermore, he studies with experts all over the country in an effort to further build his extensive knowledge. He is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and a Diplomate with the International Dental Implant Association, an honor earned by only a few hundred dentists worldwide.

We perform the entire process here in our office, without having to refer you out for the placement of the actual implant. Dr. Tiner is not only experienced in precise implant procedures, but he can also complete any sinus lifts and grafts that may be necessary. We streamline the entire process right here in the practice with a provider that you can trust.

Our facility boasts an on-site 3D cone beam CT scanner. This enhances the placement process while ensuring optimal success for each patient. These 3D images allow Dr. Tiner to pinpoint the precise placement of the implant root. In fact, cone beam imaging means more people are candidates for implant therapy than those done using only 2-dimensional x-rays.

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Replace All of Your Teeth for Life

An implant can support individual tooth crowns, dental bridges, or even full mouth dentures. When you get the best care possible, your implant can last for life.

With convenient 3D Implant CEREC integration, your new tooth can be custom designed from implant placement to crown for the best finished product. Using this advanced technology, creating a durable single tooth restoration is possible. While you comfortably relax in the dental chair, a 3D “virtual impression” is taken. Each crown is custom so it fits your smile perfectly.

Using an in-house CEREC milling machine, we create the tooth right here in our office. Once it’s ready, it is attached with an abutment to your dental implant. The result is a durable, prosthetic tooth that blends seamlessly into your smile!

Watch how Sharion's smile was transformed at Dentistry By Design in Richardson, Texas!

Patient Stories - Sharion Brockett - Richardson, TX - Dentistry By Design

I’m Sharion Brockett. I had the infection from my teeth that actually was it was draining in my sinuses. So, I felt really bad but I had no idea why. I always have smiled a lot when it really got my attention was my grandson’s wedding and we get their and, I can’t eat because I had missing teeth, I had a broken tooth. The night before my consultation and was praying about the appointment the most beautiful rainbow, I’ve seen rainbows before but this one was huge. I got pictures of it too. When I had my surgery doctor Tiner walked in and I said I want rainbows and butterflies. Didn’t feel any pain and it was great afterwards. I don’t feel like I’m coming for a dentist important when I come here it’s a peaceful place the staff is happy. I knew that I was in the right place and this was where it was going to be. Yeah, I’ve had all the time. I didn’t take Advil but a couple of days and that was it with the staff here and Doctor Tiner are very caring and concerned about how you’re feeling. Sharion definitely was not confident her smile she was she was a very bubbly personality. She was looking for something to help get that confidence back. So, the option was presented that we would do an all-on-four case. It was you know a transformation in one day. So, she comes in we take out all the bad teeth we put in the four implants we make her a denture that attaches to those teeth and she walks out with a brand-new smile. Well after the surgery when we saw Sharion, she couldn’t believe how much they looked like her natural teeth and how we captured what she was trying to regain. These kinds of cases allow us to create a whole new persona a new smile for them. Their shape their colour we get to design them their ideal smile. We’re honoured to help them gain that smile that they’ve always dreamed of having back. When I go out to eat now and I can eat my steak or anything else I want. They look just like my original teeth I was amazed. Well, I smiled all the time how could you not it’s really neat because now I can encourage other people to go ahead and have it done first time, I saw it I was just I was like it’s amazing that that can be done.

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