Your dentist graduated from dental school and became licensed before starting practice and taking care of patients. However, in addition to this dental education and licensing, Dr. Brad Tiner invests in continuing education for himself and his staff. This enables everyone at Dentistry By Design to help you gain your most attractive smile, comfortably and through the latest technologies.

Benefits of Ongoing Dental Education

For you, the patient, having a dentist who invests in continuing education is important. Additionally, these classes bridge the gap between the education received toward licensing or certification and today’s modern methods. Common topics for these courses include sedation dentistry, restorative care, general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, emergency dental treatment, and technology training.

Continuing education helps your dental team keep up with the latest changes in the industry. After all, dental advancements are happening every day. Before your dentist provides these services, appliances and treatments for you, he goes through his own training and practice.

Through ongoing education, your dentist keeps providing the latest care using the most recent methods and technologies.

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Four Reasons Why You Want a Dentist Who Continues Staff Education

As the patient, how does continuing dental education really affect you? Furthermore, do you need to confirm your new dentist takes advantage of these programs for himself and his team? It is important to understand how continuing dental education helps your dentist and ensures you receive quality care.

Therefore, below are four big reasons why continuing education matters:


Through ongoing education, dentists improve their skills. They learn the newest methods and techniques during these classes. Because dentistry changes on an ongoing basis, the last thing you want to receive is an outdated dental treatment.


Dentists and some of their staff members must go through continuing education to renew their license. These state requirements vary from state-to-state but help ensure all dentists meet minimum quality standards. These requirements include those for dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and others providing hands-on care.

In Texas, dentists need a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education (CE) credits per year. In fact, dental hygienists must obtain a minimum of 12 hours of CE credits, too. For dental assistants, the minimum is six CE credits per year.


For patients, having a dentist who invests in CE credits and other education each year means you gain quality of care. Specifically, dentists like Dr. Tiner maintain the highest quality of care as their standard. In addition, quality dental care means the latest methods and instruments used for diagnosis, preventive care, and treatment.


Through ongoing education, your dental team gains new career possibilities and grow in their field. Someone may start working as a general dentist, then advance through courses and hands-on training to specialize in pediatric dentistry. Or your dental hygienist possibly started as an office staff member or dental assistant.

Through courses and hands-on practice, anyone in the dentist’s office can learn more about their industry and keep growing in the work they love. Moreover, this keeps the team members happy, excited about their work, performing at their best, and eager to help you gain your most attractive smile.

Your Dentistry By Design Team Maintains Ongoing Education

As a standard of this quality practice, Dr. Tiner and his dental team continue pursuing education each year. After all, the practice goals focus on your comfort and using state-of-the-art technologies for less pain. They even provide oral hygiene education for you, in how to ensure you brush and floss for your healthiest smile.

For example, dental services at Dentistry By Design include:

For your own best dental treatment, call Dentistry By Design to take advantage of this team invested in the latest dental education. Schedule your visit now at (972) 694-4823.