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$99 Exam & X-rays

*Includes comprehensive exam and necessary x-rays.
*Does not include cleaning.
*New patients only.
*Cannot be combined with insurance.


For Dental Implants & Implant supported dentures, includes CT Scan

VALUE $400

*New patients only | Cannot be combined with insurance or other offers


Cosmetic Dentistry - Veneers & Smile Makeover Services

*New patients only | Cannot be combined with insurance or other offers

Free Consultation

Get the BEST Deal on Dental Implants

As low as $2995!

*Includes x-rays, photos, & impressions/scan, implant, abutment, and crown. new patients only

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Discover why Richardson residents choose Dentistry By Design as their home for dental health and wellness.

Ashton is grateful for the alternative solutions she received at Dentistry by Design

Patient Stories - Ashton Corum - Richardson, TX - Dentistry By Design

My name is Ashton, I am 28 years old and i am a teacher! My smile is super important to me because I am a teacher so I am always in front of kids, always talking to parents and colleagues. So I have always had smaller teeth they were a little smaller, I had a gap kind of between my teeth and I like to smile but I just was not happy with exactly how my teeth looked. I love the office here it is super friendly everybody is so warm they truly care, and they really want the best for you and your teeth and I really felt that the moment I walked in.

At first when I had a consultation with Dr. Tiner about it he said you know I think for you we need to do Invisalign first, and so after doing that he wanted to laser my gums up a little bit and then after he was able to put the veneers on for just the veneer part that only took maybe a few months process total but it is totally worth it, that is for sure! So when they put these teeth on you look at yourself and you are like wow that is crazy that, that is me and it instantly improved my confidence and I finally felt like I looked the way that I should look, and so it was really awesome that Dr. Tiner was able to take my vision and his vision and kind of put them together. Honestly I am mad I didn’t do it sooner!

Ashton came to me with previous orthodontic treatment. She was looking for alternate solutions other than going back into braces. She didn’t like the position of the teeth they were like misaligned a little bit and so her goal was to get things back to a more ideal position. After she saw she was super excited, usually most everybody is and that is the goal we are trying to achieve we want people to be, just blown away with what they see so when we do veneers we look at the whole smile, do we need to modify the gum tissue. Are things a little out of alignment and try to help us achieve the best results. I think if people are scared or worried about getting veneers they defiantly should have a consultation just to see what doctor Tiner could do for you when he looked at me teeth and said you know maybe we should raise your gums a little bit so we can see more of your teeth so they fill your mouth more, he was able to kind of draw on a screen and show me models and kind of show me what he could do for me, but honestly it looked a million times better than I thought it would ever look.

Watch how Sharion's smile was transformed at Dentistry By Design in Richardson, Texas!

Patient Stories - Sharion Brockett - Richardson, TX - Dentistry By Design

I’m Sharion Brockett. I had the infection from my teeth that actually was it was draining in my sinuses. So, I felt really bad but I had no idea why. I always have smiled a lot when it really got my attention was my grandson’s wedding and we get their and, I can’t eat because I had missing teeth, I had a broken tooth. The night before my consultation and was praying about the appointment the most beautiful rainbow, I’ve seen rainbows before but this one was huge. I got pictures of it too. When I had my surgery doctor Tiner walked in and I said I want rainbows and butterflies. Didn’t feel any pain and it was great afterwards. I don’t feel like I’m coming for a dentist important when I come here it’s a peaceful place the staff is happy. I knew that I was in the right place and this was where it was going to be. Yeah, I’ve had all the time. I didn’t take Advil but a couple of days and that was it with the staff here and Doctor Tiner are very caring and concerned about how you’re feeling. Sharion definitely was not confident her smile she was she was a very bubbly personality. She was looking for something to help get that confidence back. So, the option was presented that we would do an all-on-four case. It was you know a transformation in one day. So, she comes in we take out all the bad teeth we put in the four implants we make her a denture that attaches to those teeth and she walks out with a brand-new smile. Well after the surgery when we saw Sharion, she couldn’t believe how much they looked like her natural teeth and how we captured what she was trying to regain. These kinds of cases allow us to create a whole new persona a new smile for them. Their shape their colour we get to design them their ideal smile. We’re honoured to help them gain that smile that they’ve always dreamed of having back. When I go out to eat now and I can eat my steak or anything else I want. They look just like my original teeth I was amazed. Well, I smiled all the time how could you not it’s really neat because now I can encourage other people to go ahead and have it done first time, I saw it I was just I was like it’s amazing that that can be done.

We know how visiting the dentist can bring about anxiety, but Dr. Brad Tiner and his team at Dentistry by Design in Richardson, Texas, are here to help! In addition to traditional evaluations and cleanings every six months, we provide a variety of special services and offers to make it easier than ever to get the dental care you need with our staff. Our team is pleased to provide:

  • General, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry
  • Knowledge of insurance plans to maximize your benefits
  • Convenient hours
  • Emergency dental care when you need it
  • Laser dentistry and advanced solutions for the smile
  • Anesthetic and sedation for comfortable treatments and appointments

Some of our current special offers include:

  • A free consultation for dental implants or implant-supported dentures (including CT scans)
  • A free consultation for cosmetic dentistry services, including veneers and smile makeovers
  • Your first consultation, examination, and x-rays for only $49 (limited-time special)

A marriage of Art and Technology – experience the difference at Dentistry by Design

Welcome to Dentistry By Design

Dr. Brad Tiner: Dentistry By Design is part of my philosophy, it is part of my background having trained in Architecture design is heavily in my thought process. I started doing dentistry growing in this practice because I felt like I could do something that not everybody can do. I have a sense of design, so my goal is to bring that to my patients to communicate that to them to show them what is possible but also treat them differently with more care than maybe they have had in the past. Our team is outstanding; their dedication to our patients and treating them like family – everybody kind of brought into the fold of our family when they become a patient here.

Patient: I like the fact that when you come in, they know your name we have been here so long that they kind of know your story, your kids, they know what is going on and they are very personable and friendly.

Dr. Brad Tiner: As a team, we are always learning, I am always learning and never satisfied with it – what we just learned I what we can we do to make things better. Try to stay on the cutting edge so that everything is the best for our patients.

Patient: Staying on top of the technology, It is actually useful, I don’t think he picks up stuff just to pick it up.

Patient: Every time I come here I always tell him it is a lot of different from the old days, there is a lot more of what is going on and being aware of what is happening.

Dr. Brad Tiner: Our goal is to offer everything in one location so whether you need your teeth cleaned you have toothache that is hurting you, we can do root canals and fillings and crowns. Crowns are done in the office to the same time, we can do implants dentures, whatever you feel like you need – we can probably handle it. We have 8 treatment rooms one of them is dedicated surgery room, we have our whole in house laboratory where we can make your crowns with a 3D x-ray machines so we can help detect things early we can help diagnose problems that maybe unseen on regular x-rays. A CEREC machine we have a consultation room where we can sit down in private and talk about the things that you need to have done, we have Ultra HEPA air filters in all the operatories to keep the air clean and safe for all our patients and our team. We can offer most of our paints same day dentistry – we can get you in and out of here the same day with a new tooth so that you don’t have to worry about that and go on out.

Patient: I have had a couple of root canals done on an emergency basis and they have always been flexible on call when I needed them.

Dr. Brad Tiner: If your teeth are worn down and they are just – you have had bad luck with your teeth and you are like I want to do something different, and I want my teeth to look like they did when I was younger, we can do that – we can go through a whole process of design and we can reconstruct your mouth with either crowns or veneers and we can even do a simple mock up right there while they are waiting we can use some filing material and add it to the teeth and then I say this is what we can do and so that is part of the design process.

Dr. Brad Tiner: I believe our goal is to make our patients’ lives better and we want you to come see how different dentistry can be when it is by design.

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All you need to know about Dental Implants at Dentistry By Design

An implant is a substitute for a natural tooth that can no longer be restored. We can use implants to give you a new smile in one day, whether it's one tooth or several teeth. We use cutting-edge technologies to offer you the best possible experience!

Dental Implants Explained at Dentistry By Design in Richardson, Texas

Learn About Dental Implants at Dentistry By Design - Richardson, TX

An implant is a replacement for your natural tooth that’s no longer fixable. So, if you have a root canal that’s failed or a tooth that’s broken, an implant is the best alternative to replacing your tooth. If you just have one tooth that’s missing, we can do a single tooth implant to replace it. If you’ve got multiple teeth that are failing then we have the option of doing an implant bridge and restore your function back to where you were before. If you have a denture that’s uncomfortable and is moving around in your mouth, we can use implants to give you better function. People who have teeth that just aren’t fixable, let’s say all of their top teeth are just bad and so that’s a great candidate for an all on four. We remove all the teeth we put in four implants and then we attach a new set of teeth to those four implants. The all-on-four technique allows for you to have a new smile new teeth all the same day. To replace a tooth that’s broken, we take the tooth out. We place bone graft material which allows the site to heal and get strong. Once it’s fully healed, we come back we put an implant in and then we make a crown that screws into the implant when it’s all ready to go. If somebody has medical conditions or gum disease those things need to be evaluated. Most of the time we can work through that. We can get past those barriers. People want to know if implants hurt and most of the time implant placement is much easier than doing a root canal. We have different options to make you if you’re anxious to make you comfortable whether it’s sedation or nitrous any of those things. Patients will come in and ask hey doc how do I get teeth in a day. I see this stuff on tv all the time it still needs time to heal and integrate before we make a crown but you can usually do the implant in the same day. If you have an emergency, you have a broken tooth you’ve fallen or in pain and the tooth needs to come out, we can handle it for you we can help you we get you out of pain sometimes we can put the implant at the same time sometimes we have to graft and let it heal just depends on everybody’s situation. Implants don’t always involve extraction. Let’s say you’ve been missing a tooth for several years you just haven’t got around to getting it fixed, that’s a great solution for an implant. If the bone is healthy, we don’t even have to graft we can place the implant let it heal for about a few months and then come back and put your crown on. At dentistry by design, we use CEREC 3D imaging to help create your crown for the final implant and make it look like a natural tooth. Maybe 10-15 years ago our first thing we would have said was okay we’re going, going, to do a bridge which means we have to cut down the teeth that may be perfectly healthy so guess what you’re replacing those every five to ten years. With the advantage of the implant, we don’t have to do those mess with those teeth next to it. They’re not going to decay for the most part they’re not going to break it helps prevent you from aging prematurely. It’s not going to discolour it’s going to stay the same shape same position it’s not going to move. If you have more questions about your individual situation, give us a call, make an appointment sit down with me and we’ll go over it and see what we can do to help you out.

All you need to know about Veneers and Cosmetic Smile Makeovers at Dentistry By Design

A cosmetic smile makeover is a process of enhancing the look of one or more teeth using cosmetic dental operations. Veneers may whiten and contour your teeth, giving you newfound self-confidence! Dr. Tiner describes the many types of veneers that may be utilized to provide you with the smile you've always wanted!

Get the smile you have always dreamed of having with Veneers!

Dental Veneers

Veneers are a conservative way to modify the shape color and position of your teeth. Most everybody is a good candidate for veneers let’s say you have teeth that are a little discolored, are a little out of position we can modify the position a little bit we can make it brighter and whiter if you want a little longer we can do that too. For the most part there is a couple of different ways we can do veneers. We can do minimal preparation veneers, means your teeth are a little discolored. You want it brighter and whiter – minimal changes to the tooth structure and we are having the veneers med to sit directly on the tooth. Very conservative, very minimal.

The other option would be traditional veneers meaning maybe my front teeth are too far back or maybe I have got a couple of rotated teeth but I don’t want to do braces but I want nice straight teeth, whiter teeth. We can make the teeth that look like they are 45 degrees look straight, and we have got some spaces we have to close, then we have got some missing teeth, we can do more of a hybrid of a crown and a veneer, do a little more tooth structure and then we start getting into whole smile design.

So from start to finish we can generally have a new smile for you in about 3 to 4 weeks. The majority of cases we do, we do upper teeth for the simple reason when you smile most of which you see are upper teeth, but that does not mean we don’t do lower teeth. But it all depends on each person. Some people don’t even show any upper teeth at all, all they show is bottom teeth. Patient will come in with teeth that are not in ideal position so we are talking about ok what do we want, we want straighter teeth we want whiter teeth we want longer shorter – when we started the process we take the impressions and we start talking about expectations and goals. We send it to the lab and then we get a model. We evaluate this and we compare what we started with and where we are going to go and then we are done and it takes us 3 to 4 weeks to kind of get there, and so we can take the case that may look pretty good and make it look awesome and it does not always have to be drastic we can do that we can make some simple changes and make everything match and blend together really nicely. So if you are happy with the position you are happy with the shape and everything that is where the minimal preparation veneers would come in. we can get them as white as you want. If your teeth are really dark that is where we are going to do some veneers where we can block out some of that darker coloring and get you that shade that you want.

People are usually very self-conscious about the way they look and so one of the benefits that I see with the veneers is the boost in self-confidence and awareness just watching them kind of light up once we give them that new smile and then when we see them back it is kind of like such a huge difference in my life and we love doing that for people.

If you want more information about veneers you can go to our website, call us, make an appointment and we would love to sit down with you and go over your individual case and see what we can do for you.