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From our warm and welcoming team who views our patients like an extension of our own family, to our state-of-the art technology, we invite you to experience exceptional care at Dentistry By Design.  Here we understand the importance of a healthy smile that you can be proud of.   Dr. Brad Tiner and our expert team are skilled in the full range of comprehensive dental services to care for your entire family in one office, with specialized training in cosmetics and implant dentistry.

At Dentistry By Design, you’ll get the personalized dental care you need with a team that is fully dedicated to making your experience comfortable, convenient and rewarding.  Our approach emphasizes high-quality materials, products, and technologies and is built on a foundation of relationship-based care.  Let us be your dentist in the North Dallas area.


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A marriage of Art and Technology – experience the difference at Dentistry by Design

Welcome to Dentistry By Design

Dr. Brad Tiner: Dentistry By Design is part of my philosophy, it is part of my background having trained in Architecture design is heavily in my thought process. I started doing dentistry growing in this practice because I felt like I could do something that not everybody can do. I have a sense of design, so my goal is to bring that to my patients to communicate that to them to show them what is possible but also treat them differently with more care than maybe they have had in the past. Our team is outstanding; their dedication to our patients and treating them like family – everybody kind of brought into the fold of our family when they become a patient here.

Patient: I like the fact that when you come in, they know your name we have been here so long that they kind of know your story, your kids, they know what is going on and they are very personable and friendly.

Dr. Brad Tiner: As a team, we are always learning, I am always learning and never satisfied with it – what we just learned I what we can we do to make things better. Try to stay on the cutting edge so that everything is the best for our patients.

Patient: Staying on top of the technology, It is actually useful, I don’t think he picks up stuff just to pick it up.

Patient: Every time I come here I always tell him it is a lot of different from the old days, there is a lot more of what is going on and being aware of what is happening.

Dr. Brad Tiner: Our goal is to offer everything in one location so whether you need your teeth cleaned you have toothache that is hurting you, we can do root canals and fillings and crowns. Crowns are done in the office to the same time, we can do implants dentures, whatever you feel like you need – we can probably handle it. We have 8 treatment rooms one of them is dedicated surgery room, we have our whole in house laboratory where we can make your crowns with a 3D x-ray machines so we can help detect things early we can help diagnose problems that maybe unseen on regular x-rays. A CEREC machine we have a consultation room where we can sit down in private and talk about the things that you need to have done, we have Ultra HEPA air filters in all the operatories to keep the air clean and safe for all our patients and our team. We can offer most of our paints same day dentistry – we can get you in and out of here the same day with a new tooth so that you don’t have to worry about that and go on out.

Patient: I have had a couple of root canals done on an emergency basis and they have always been flexible on call when I needed them.

Dr. Brad Tiner: If your teeth are worn down and they are just – you have had bad luck with your teeth and you are like I want to do something different, and I want my teeth to look like they did when I was younger, we can do that – we can go through a whole process of design and we can reconstruct your mouth with either crowns or veneers and we can even do a simple mock up right there while they are waiting we can use some filing material and add it to the teeth and then I say this is what we can do and so that is part of the design process.

Dr. Brad Tiner: I believe our goal is to make our patients’ lives better and we want you to come see how different dentistry can be when it is by design.

The Latest Technology for the Best Dental Care

If you’re looking for technology-driven care, then choosing our expert team at Dentistry By Design in Richardson is the right choice! Dr. Brad Tiner and our team regularly invest our time and resources into continuing our education and expanding our technology.  With our cutting-edge dental technology, we deliver comfort and precision in every treatment. Choose our high-tech practice today—your smile will thank you!

Dental implants – We can offer every aspect of the implants process at our office in Richardson, TX from extraction to grafting to placement to restoration. Implementing the latest surgical technologies, Dr. Tiner has the expertise to place and restore your dental implant right in our own state-of-the-art practice.

“Same-day” crowns – We use the specialized CEREC system to design, fabricate, and place dental crowns and other restorations in a single visit, while you wait. Computer-aided design and fabrication allows for the ultimate in convenience and precision; subtle refinements can be made in moments. And the best part–no messy impressions!

3-D Cone Beam Imaging – Sophisticated digital radiography, such as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) help us to safely and accurately place implants. It also allows us to see hidden details that traditional x-rays don’t show, enabling us to diagnose and treat more thoroughly. Our CBCT quickly and easily obtains the most accurate 3-dimensional renderings of the head and neck.

We hope this provides a valuable glimpse into the many resources we have which allow for an exceptional experience for our patients and keep us one step ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering ideal dental care. So call today to schedule your appointment and you too can be one of our patients who is smiling a little brighter. We will see you soon!

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