Protect Your Smile with Cleanings and Preventive Care

Dr. Brad Tiner promotes integrity in dentistry, so he encourages preventing problems rather than just fixing them afterwards. That’s why he offers such a comprehensive selection of teeth cleanings and preventive dentistry. Our patients deserve nothing less!

Patient at Dentistry by Design

Professional Cleanings

Why are dental hygiene appointments so important? At each session you will:

  • Get the latest facts on oral disease as it relates to your smile
  • Have stubborn tartar removed and stain polished away
  • Receive therapeutic gum treatment to fight periodontitis
  • Learn what adjustments you should make in your oral care routine

We promote fluoride use because of the irreplaceable role it plays in strengthening enamel against cavities. It’s especially critical for the developing teeth of kids!

Oral Appliances During Teeth Cleanings

Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea? We can often help you get a custom oral appliance made as ordered by your prescribing doctor. They’re great for people who can’t or won’t wear a CPAP.

We recommend a night guard or NTI device if you grind your teeth at night. Athletic guards similarly are essential if you participate in physical activity. These guards will help you to protect the valuable restorations you have made in our office such as veneers and CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns.

Find Problems Before They Start

To detect dental problems before they get out of control, we use methods such as digital x-ray technology and comprehensive examinations. These routine procedures help us catch issues before you even feel them, saving you pain, dental extractions, and money down the road.

Laser Cavity Detection

Raising the bar even further, we incorporate laser cavity detection in our preventive dental servicesLaser dentistry and cavity detection pinpoints demineralizing tooth enamel within the microscopic grooves and pits of the back teeth long before cavities are visible on x-rays or can be felt using tactile methods.

Laser Gum Therapy

For our patients who have issues with gingivitis or gum disease, our hygienists are certified to perform the latest treatment available. A soft tissue laser is used below the gumline to kill any bacteria and disinfect the tooth pocket. This minimally invasive, safe procedure results in significantly quicker healing and with little discomfort.

Teeth cleanings and preventive care are given high priority here at Dentistry By Design. See for yourself how this is the case. Call us today at (972) 694-4823 to learn more about how we can help you preserve your smile!