Enjoy a Stress-Free Visit!

Regular dental check-ups, including teeth cleanings and preventative dentistry, are vital for good oral health. For nearly one in ten Americans, dental anxiety prevents them from getting the treatment and care their smile needs. When fear keeps you from the dentist, oral concerns go untreated, becoming more extensive and expensive problems in the future. At Dentistry By Design, we have several sedation dentistry and comfort options to help you get the care you need! We recommend sedation…

  • To complete more complicated procedures in a single appointment
  • For patient comfort during more complex treatments
  • For patients who experience mild to severe dental phobia
  • To create the most positive, relaxed dental visit possible

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Brad Tiner believes that everyone deserves a beautiful smile, including patients who suffer from dental anxiety. With a simple oral medication, you can feel your fears diminish and your muscle tension ease. One of the great benefits of oral sedatives is that you can take them the moment your anxiety surfaces, providing quick relief. Your dose can also be adjust to ensure your overall comfort. Please note that when using oral sedation, you will need to have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

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Nitrous Oxide for Any Procedure

Dental anxiety is never a laughing matter, but with the help of nitrous oxide, your experience of dental procedures can be relaxing and positive. Administered through a soft nosepiece, you’ll inhale this sedative gas by breathing naturally. Very quickly, you’ll notice a warm, tingly sensation throughout your body, allowing your mind to float free of any concerns. While you’ll still remain aware and responsive, your anxieties will diminish and you’ll feel relaxed for your treatment. Once your procedure is complete, the nitrous oxide gas replaces with oxygen and you’ll feel like normal within a few minutes.

The Wand

Do needles make you nervous? Dr. Tiner uses the latest advancements, without the big syringes, to ensure you have a pleasant dental procedure. Utilizing a computer-assisted injection tool called The Wand, anesthetic is administered with a pen-like device. Relax as the numbing agent is delivered more comfortably, more precisely and more easily than before. Many of our patients say they can’t even feel it!

We’re Here For You!

Don’t let anxiety keep you from the beautiful, healthy smile that you deserve! Our caring staff is always available to help you and answer your questions. In fact, call today to set up an appointment and ask about comfortable sedation dentistry. You can reach us now at (972) 694-4823.