Beautiful Cosmetic Fillings

When it comes to maintaining your good oral health, Dr. Brad Tiner knows it’s important to treat dental concerns early, before they can grow into more extensive, and expensive problems. If you’re suffering from a dental cavity, treating your tooth decay promptly can prevent the need for a larger filling. With tooth fillings, you won’t have to worry about further damage and the need for more restoration and dental services.

Do You Need A Filling?

Visiting Dentistry By Design for routine dental exams is the first step to detecting a cavity early (or keeping it from happening at all). Let Dr. Tiner know if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms of tooth decay:

  • Persistent pain or sensitivity
  • Discomfort when biting
  • Sharp sensitivity when eating something hot, cold or sweet
  • Visible holes or pits in your tooth
  • Unusual spots of tooth discoloration

With a quick call to Dentistry By Design, we’ll have you in right away to examine and treat your specific concern.

Happy young lady after having teeth filling

Why Choose Composite Teeth Fillings?

When repairing a cavity, Dr. Tiner recommends tooth-colored restorations. We know that you want your smile to look its best, but we also know that restoring a tooth’s function and durability is equally important. White restorations offer many advantages over traditional amalgam (silver metal) fillings:

  • With tooth-colored, composite materials, less healthy tooth structure needs to be removed, when compared to traditional silver, amalgam restorations.
  • Traditional silver fillings contract with temperature changes, resulting in damage and fractures to your natural tooth. Over time, this can lead to more costly damage that may require a dental crown to restore. Composites are stable and durable, protecting your tooth from further damage.
  • Composite Fillings are mercury-free. With amalgam restorations, trace amounts of mercury can leach into the surrounding oral tissue over time.
  • When you smile, you want to be admired for your pearly whites, not the flash of silver fillings.

Give Dentistry By Design a call today to get started on a confident, healthy smile with a beautiful tooth-colored filling! You can reach us now at (972) 694-4823.