Brighter Teeth Your Way

Have you ever wished that you could have a more brilliant smile? A brighter smile can give you the confidence that you depend on at that next party or job interview. Now, your dream can be a reality. Dr. Brad Tiner and the team at Dentistry By Design will set you up so that you can safely brighten your teeth in the convenience and comfort of your own home. In fact, our teeth whitening services will provide you with your best smile for years to come.

Before and after teeth whitening

Professional Advice and Tools

Say goodbye to all those ineffective over-the-counter products that claim to whiten teeth. With our professional dental services, you’ll experience these benefits:

  • A prescription-grade concentration of whitening gel
  • Custom-fitted trays for maximum contact and results
  • Increased protection to your sensitive gums
  • Lightening your teeth to the degree you like

The first thing we do is take impressions of your teeth. We use these impressions to create whitening trays that fit your bite exactly. Dr. Tiner will call you back in to check the fit of the trays, and then we send you home with an appropriate strength whitening gel and review instructions so that you know how to use the product safely.

Dramatic Teeth Whitening Results that Last

Our prescription strength treatments erase years of stain and natural enamel discoloration – far better than over-the-counter kits can. Plus, they’re easy to maintain – just touch up your whitening after each check-up!

Whitening is a great way to complement your other aesthetic treatments, providing a bigger impact than treating just one or two teeth.

Your Richardson Team of Smile Experts

Find out which teeth whitening option is right for you when you visit us at Dentistry By Design for a complete smile evaluation. Teeth whitening won’t fix all dental problems, cosmetic or otherwise. Dr. Tiner will help you understand and choose from cosmetic dentistry such as bonding and no-prep veneers, and even dental implants for more advanced smile makeovers. Give us a call today at (972) 694-4823 to learn more about dental service financing!