If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, or aren’t great about flossing – there’s a chance that your smile may have developed a condition known as periodontal disease – more commonly referred to as “gum disease.” In fact, this is why periodontics is so important in dentistry today.

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The first stages of the disease are called gingivitis – which is simply just inflammation of the gumlines around the teeth due to plaque biofilm buildup. But over time, our body responds to this infection and causes gum detachment and even bone loss. Other symptoms usually include problems like:

  • Bad breath
  • Heavy tartar buildup along your gums
  • A bad taste in your mouth
  • Tooth mobility
  • Tooth loss
  • Deep pockets under your gums

If caught early enough, we can prevent periodontitis from causing tooth loss. Dr. Tiner recommends teeth cleanings every six months, along with diagnostic x-rays to evaluate your bone health. We also record the depth of periodontal pockets around each tooth, to pinpoint areas of gum detachment. In a healthy mouth, pockets will be 3mm or shallower. Deeper spaces are indicative of disease which can lead to a root canal.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to problems beyond bad breath. It can also lead to gum disease or gingivitis. What some people aren’t aware of is that gingivitis is very serious and can lead to health problems without treatment. Thankfully, most dentists offer gingivitis treatment and periodontal treatment in Richardson, Texas.


In order to understand gingivitis treatment, it’s important to know more about this gum disease. Most people know that gingivitis is a mild form of periodontal disease. It causes the gingiva, which is the gum at the base of the teeth, to swell and turn red.

Gingivitis is usually a mild problem, so most people can treat it at home. However, some people must look for gingivitis treatment Richardson, TX has. In any case, it’s important to take gingivitis seriously and seek proper treatment. Otherwise, gingivitis can lead to tooth loss and more serious periodontitis.


The most common cause of gingivitis is poor oral hygiene. In most cases, people can avoid gingivitis if they brush twice a day and floss regularly. It also helps if they visit their dentists regularly for checkups and cleanings. Along with preventing gingivitis, taking these measures can reverse the problem.

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The basis of all gingivitis treatment starts with eliminating plaque. This sticky coating contains bacteria that leads to the formation of gingivitis in the first place. It creates toxins, which is why the gums become swollen and red. Thankfully, dentists offer inflamed and swollen gums treatment for people who need it.

Before they seek the gingivitis treatment Richardson, TX offers, though, they can start treatment at home. Seeing a dentist is only half of the equation when it comes to treating this gum infection. Practicing proper at-home oral hygiene is the other half.


At home, inflamed gums treatment starts with brushing teeth twice a day. Using a good antibacterial toothpaste can remove plaque from the gumline. In fact, it’s a good swollen gums treatment option. Speaking of brushing, people should brush their teeth for two minutes each time.

Next, they should consider investing in electric toothbrushes. They provide a much more thorough cleaning than manual toothbrushes. Even after using electric toothbrushes, though, people still have to floss. Flossing removes food particles from between the teeth to prevent the formation of plaque.

Another product that people can use at home for swollen gums treatment is antibacterial mouthwash. Such rinses kill the plaque bacteria that live in the hardest-to-reach locations of the mouth. Some of them can even reverse the earliest signs of gingivitis.


In some cases, at-home gingivitis treatment simply isn’t enough, so people have to seek gingivitis treatment Richardson, TX offers. Professional dentists can help them overcome gingivitis quickly. Also, visiting a dentist regularly prevents the need for inflamed gums treatment later on.

During professional gingivitis care, dentists typically start with a professional cleaning. The goal is to remove all traces of plaque from the mouth. In fact, this process typically involves scaling, which removes bacteria and tartar from beneath the gums. This procedure isn’t one that people can simply do at home.

Inflamed gums treatment for gingivitis might also involve dental restoration. This process involves restoring misaligned teeth to their proper locations. When they aren’t in the right spots, it’s harder to remove plaque. Realigning the teeth aids the cleaning and healing process.


Are you in need of periodontal treatment Richardson, TX has? If so, reach out to Dentistry By Design. We offer inflamed and swollen gums treatment. We can help you overcome gingivitis and give you tips on how to prevent it from coming back.

When you look for gingivitis treatment Richardson TX offers, you can count on us. However, Dentistry By Design offers more than just treatment for gum disease. Some of the other services that we offer include:


General dentistry and deep cleaning involve removing all calcified tartar and biofilm from the pockets around your teeth and thoroughly cleaning the root surfaces. If necessary, we will numb each quadrant of your mouth to keep you as comfortable as possible.

After reviewing appropriate home hygiene methods, we will typically have you return every three months for a maintenance visit until symptoms are controlled or reversed. In certain circumstances, we may also need to place local antibiotics into deeper pockets so that they will respond to the dental services therapy. If the disease is advanced, a bone graft may also be necessary.

Do you suffer from gum disease? If so, there is help at Dentistry By Design. We offer complete gum disease treatment. Our restorative dentistry services in Texas can help you with gum disease and other dental conditions. We provide professional cleaning, deep cleaning, periodontal surgery, and ongoing dental care.

With proper treatment, you can restore your teeth’s bright smile and daily function. Our specialists offer preventative care during the gingivitis stage or restorative treatment through scaling and planing. No matter what type of services you need, Dentistry By Design can provide total care for your teeth.

Gum Disease Stages

There are three stages of gum disease, including:


Plaque buildup causes gum inflammation. If the plaque continues to build, it can produce harmful toxins in the gums. As a result, you may notice some bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth.


The bone and fibers that support your teeth may show signs of permanent damage. Furthermore, you may notice gaps or pockets along your gum line. You may also feel pain when anything touches these areas.


The bones and fibers that support your teeth have extensive permanent damage. Also, your teeth may feel loose or even fall out. You may notice problems when you chew down on hard food or candy.

These three stages occur slowly. Consequently, deterioration may take several years. Therefore, the best way to prevent these gum disease stages is to schedule a routine dental cleaning at our clinic. Dentistry By Design offers preventative dental care to keep your teeth strong and healthy-looking.

Gum disease treatment

Do You Need Gum Disease Treatment?

You may not realize that you need gum disease treatment until your condition has progressed beyond gingivitis. Symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Swollen, red, and painful gums
  • Gums that bleed while you brush or floss your teeth
  • Receding gums that expose your roots
  • Teeth that are separating or loose
  • Bad breath that will not go away
  • Sores throughout your mouth

If you notice any of these symptoms, you may need to schedule a visit to Dentistry By Design. We can diagnose your condition and perform gum disease treatment in TX.

Deep Cleaning Through Gum Disease Treatment

If your gum disease has progressed beyond gingivitis, then we turn to deep cleaning to restore your gums. This type of gum disease treatment involves two steps: scaling and root planing. This two-step process includes:


Scaling involves removing the plaque from your teeth using a scraping method. We also remove the plaque in the open areas between your teeth and along your gum line. Scaling can involve light scraping or heavy scraping, depending on the amount of plaque you have on your teeth.


Plaque can cause your roots to detach from your gums. Using the planing technique, we clean the root area down to the bottom of the root socket. This procedure allows your root to re-attach with the gum.

Although scaling and planing are simple, you may need to visit our clinic twice to complete the procedure. You may also need an anesthetic to numb the pain you feel as we deep clean your teeth and gums.

Schedule Gum Disease Treatment in Texas

If you notice problems with your teeth, you may have periodontitis and should contact Dentistry By Design today. We offer gum disease treatment as a part of our dentistry services in Texas. To schedule an exam with a dentist, call us today at (972) 694-4823 so we can restore your teeth and improve your smile!