Clear Removable Aligners to straighten teeth discreetly

Are you looking for clear removable aligners in Richardson, Texas ? Are you curious about the aligner process? Dentistry By Design has answers for you. These almost invisible aligner trays provide an alternative option to traditional wire and bracket braces when you want straighter teeth. For your aligner teeth straightening to work, you need to commit to one to two years of wearing them for the smile you want. But, what is the cost? You can explore a number of dental service financing options to make the process as affordable and easy as possible.

What are Clear Removable Aligners?

Aligners straighten your teeth without using the metal brackets and wires of traditional orthodontics. This means you can straighten your teeth as an adult, without going back to the teenage look of a “metal mouth.” In fact, other people hardly notice your clear aligner trays as you wear them. So your social and work lives can continue without lost confidence.

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Your dentist provides the custom crafted clear plastic aligner trays you need to properly position your teeth. You simply wear each tray for a specified length of time. When that time ends, you progress to the next tray in the series. Over several months to a few years, proper aligner wear shifts your teeth into place for your best possible smile. Dentistry By Design can restore your smile with removable clear aligners and other dental services we offer for Richardson, Texas and the surrounding area.

Lady putting an Invisalign Brace to her teeth

Benefits of Choosing Clear Aligners for Your Teeth Straightening

When it comes to straightening your teeth, clear aligner trays offer many benefits over traditional braces. These benefits include:

  • Comfort
  • Self-confidence
  • Convenience
  • Removable design
  • Minimal maintenance

Clear aligner trays prove much more comfortable than traditional braces. There are no wires or brackets to irritate, cut, or nick your soft tissues. Also, you do not lose self-confidence for socializing, speaking, or simply smiling throughout your day. You maintain an attractive appearance throughout your treatment because people do not usually notice your clear aligner trays.

You wear your aligners for a specified period of time and still visit your dentist for regular checkups – but you do not need to go to the orthodontist frequently for wire tightening or other painful procedures, as you do with traditional braces. Fewer office visits provide convenience, as does the clear aligner trays’ removable design. You take the trays out for eating and brushing your teeth, so you do not have to worry about embarrassing food particles getting caught in wires and brackets.

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