Having a new baby is one of the most exciting and blissful times of your life. But when your baby is as young as six months old, he starts teething. This tooth eruption period continues for several months, according to your baby’s own, natural teething schedule.

Many babies become irritable or cranky while they go through tooth eruption. During this time, you worry about how he feels and how to provide the comfort and care he needs. This challenges most parents, but simple means exist for soothing your baby’s teething discomfort. To start, introduce your baby to your family dentist at Dentistry By Design.

When to Expect Your Baby’s Tooth EruptionTooth eruption in babies.

As said before, your baby’s teeth erupt according to his body’s own timing. But for most babies, the first tooth emerges through the gums at three to 14 months of age. Your baby may grow one tooth at a time. Or he may experience multiple teeth coming in at once.

Within six months of that first tooth growing into place, you need to take your baby to your pediatric dentist. If you do not see any teeth by your child’s first birthday, you should also go ahead and make an appointment for his first dental exam. Your dentist helps you understand infant and child oral hygiene and other needs for healthy teeth and gums.

How to Know If Your Baby Is Teething

Many signs point to your baby’s teething. However, most parents do not recognize the signs, at first. This is because each baby experiences tooth eruption differently. Your child may feel pain or none at all. Besides the possibility of pain, other signs of emerging teeth include:

  • Heavy drooling
  • Swollen gums, sometimes with a lump
  • Sleep problems
  • Repeated rubbing of his cheeks, ears or eyes
  • Refusing food or drinks
  • Irritability
  • Chewing on solid items, like toys

If your baby experiences two or more of these signs at the same time, teething is possibly the source of their discomfort.

Teething Treatment

When visiting your baby’s new dentist, you learn about teething treatment methods, such as for pain relief. Your dentist will possibly recommend ibuprofen to help ease this discomfort. Benzocaine and other over-the-counter numbing compounds help your baby feel better, too. But you need to follow your dentist’s directions for these treatments, to keep your baby healthy and safe.

Refrigerated teething rings work well for many little ones growing their first tooth. Even letting your baby rub his gums on your freshly washed fingers provides some relief. But you should resist the temptation to rub ice or other hard foods on your child’s gums since these often lead to choking.

As your child struggles to get through the difficult days of erupting teeth, provide him with some extra attention and soothing. Warm baths and gentle rocking work well for many babies.

Upon visiting your pediatric dentist at Dentistry By Design, you learn some good habits for caring for your baby’s new smile. These habits include using a clean, damp washcloth to cleanse your baby’s mouth and gums. You do not need to use toothpaste until your dentist recommends you start doing so.

Dentistry By Design Cares for Your Whole Family’s Teeth

Dentistry By Design in Richardson, Texas provides dental care for your growing family. These dental services include:

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