Dentistry for Children

Having a family-friendly pediatric dentistry means it’s easier to get everyone’s visits scheduled in one convenient location. At Dentistry By Design, Dr. Tiner and our staff love children! Plus, our early morning appointments make it easy to book check-ups before school starts.

Routine Exams, Check-ups, and X-rays

Pediatric dentistry patient learning how to brush her teeth

Every six months, we see your child for a preventive cleaning, exam, and oral hygiene education. We’ll also take x-rays as needed to evaluate tooth eruption, development, and cavities between the teeth. We will help your children prevent gum disease and avoid the need for periodontics treatment in their future.

Sealants and Fluoride

Reduce the extent of tooth decay and emergencies later on with preventive sealants and fluoride treatments. Sealants block cavity-causing acids from hard-to-reach areas in the back of the mouth. Fluoride helps to remineralize weak spots that may not have been brushed well and encourages stronger tooth development.

“Cartoon Sedation” in Pediatric Dentistry

With a touch of nitrous oxide, a cartoon playing from the TV mounted on the ceiling above, and a great set of headphones – most children “tune out” everything going on around them. If your little one is a bit nervous or needs to have a filling, this great option is sure to keep them relaxed!

Athletic Guards

Is your son or daughter involved in sports? Did you know that dental and orofacial injuries are one of the top reasons for emergency dental care visits throughout the year? Our custom-fitted athletic guards can save your child from a broken tooth or a trip to the ER.

Pediatric dentistry patient having a before school appointmentGet your child off to the right start by scheduling their first check-up by the time their first tooth pops through, or around their 1st birthday. Routine visits protect your child’s smile and reduce the extent of dental services that they need in the future. It also helps “going to the dentist” become something that they will actually look forward to! Call us today at 972.231.3013 to learn more about pediatric dentistry.