Wisdom Teeth Removal

Is it always necessary to have wisdom teeth removal? Not always. However, when they are, it can help to have the expertise of a board-certified oral surgeon.

At Dentistry By Design, Dr. Tiner partners with a wisdom tooth specialist to provide in-house 3rd molar extractions without having to refer you or your teen to an off-site surgical center.

When Do the 3rd Molars Need to be Pulled?

Dentist aware that wisdom teeth removal can be helped by having the expertise of a board-certified oral surgeon

In some cases, the 3rd molars (“wisdom teeth”) can come in without causing any problems whatsoever. However, due to their location, they can also sometimes interfere with the health of your other teeth. Some of the common reasons why we might recommend having them removed include:

  • Impaction against healthy teeth
  • Pushing the teeth so that your bite is beginning to crowd
  • Partial eruption, making them susceptible to disease
  • Periodontitis or tooth decay
  • Pain and swelling

Keeping You Comfortable

While our oral surgeon sees you in our office, we keep you comfortable with a choice of sedation options. Oral sedation dentistry is perfect if you want to feel as if you’re taking a nap throughout the entire procedure.

As you recover, we will follow up with you to ensure that you take certain precautions to be sure you don’t interfere with the healing process. In some circumstances, we may also recommend a prescription medication to prevent discomfort.

How Do I Know if My Wisdom Teeth Need to be Extracted?

Wisdom teeth removal x-ray.Dr. Tiner will have a panoramic x-ray of your teeth and jaws taken so that we can evaluate whether or not the wisdom teeth will be erupting properly with minimal interference. The short exam takes just a couple of minutes to get the answers that you need, and we’ll provide you with all of the new dental patient information necessary to make an educated decision about your general dentistry care.

If you or your teen is experiencing pain due to wisdom teeth, contact Dentistry By Design today at 972.231.3013. In fact, wisdom teeth removal can greatly increase your overall oral health.