Taking care of your teeth is an important part of your overall well-being. Strong, healthy teeth are critical to good health. Besides, you’ll feel so much better when your teeth and smile are gleaming. To ensure that your teeth are well cared for, you need to follow a regimen of brushing, flossing, and receive regular cleanings at a dentist’s office. Many people may not think about the necessity of further imaging, but this service plays a crucial role in your dental plan. For total oral health, find the dental X rays Dallas, TX residents rely on for comprehensive tooth care planning.

When to Get Dental X Rays

dental professional explains diagnosis to patient with dental x raysIn adulthood, there are certain times when dental X rays are important. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why you would need them.

Routine— Most adults need to have their teeth assessed regularly to check for cavities or signs of gum disease

Decay —If you are having problems with pain in an area, the dentist may want to do x rays to see if there is decay beneath an existing filling.

Bone loss— Sometimes the dentist will x ray to check for bone loss that results from gum disease. The x ray can tell how much of the bone is affected.

Abscess— If your dentist suspects you have an abscessed tooth, then they will likely run an x ray to identify the culprit.

Prepare for further work— X rays can reveal the need for seeking dental implants Dallas TX can trust. They are also used for dentures or other dental work, as well.

Types of Dental X Rays

There are two main categories of dental x rays in Dallas TX:


These type of x rays focus mostly on the jaw and skull area although they do show the teeth too. Imaging can help find impacted teeth and allow your dentist to monitor the development and growth of the teeth and jaws. Extraoral x rays allow your dentist to identify potential problems before they become worse.


These x rays are the ones you’re probably most familiar with. They check all the teeth and look for cavities, infections, and abscesses.

X Rays for Dental Implants

Dental X rays are also useful before getting dental implants. Dental implant surgery involves replacing missing or damaged teeth with realistic looking ones. The new teeth have a screw-like attachment that goes into the place where the tooth’s root was. The metal piece is able to bond with your bone. The artificial tooth is attached to the metal screw piece. Dental implants are a strong, durable alternative to dentures or bridgework.

X ray imaging lets the dentist know if there is adequate bone in your jaw so the implant may securely bond to it. The x rays will also provide the dentist with an idea of the structure of your jawbone. The need for dental implants or other general dentistry services can be guided through this imaging.

Scheduling Your Appointment

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