Skipping dental check-ups is never a good idea. A twice yearly exam by your dentist and dental hygienist helps you maintain healthy teeth and gums. This is true even when you do not believe your teeth show signs of decay or other issues. In fact, along with daily home oral hygiene, these teeth cleanings actually prevent a wide range of problems beyond cavities.

Some of the most important reasons for regular dental check ups include:The importance of Dental Check Ups.

  • Professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar
  • Finding and treating cavities early
  • Preventing, detecting and treating gum disease
  • Treating results of your bad habits
  • Finding problems through X-rays, screenings and visual exams

Dental Check Ups to Prevent, Find and Treat Cavities and Gum Disease

Preventive care and treatment provide your earliest defense against cavities and gum disease. When you visit your dentist for routine dental check ups, you receive teeth cleanings and other important dental services. Your dental hygienist can see and reach the areas of your mouth that you cannot when you brush your teeth and floss at home. The hygienist and your dentist also use preventive treatments like fluoride and sealants to provide extra protection against tooth decay.

Regular dental cleanings during check ups prevent plaque buildup and hardening of this sticky film into tartar. Your dentist removes tartar from your teeth, giving you a fighting edge against tooth decay.

Along with prevention of cavities, visiting your dentist for regular exams and cleanings also helps you prevent gum disease. This disease damages your oral tissues and ultimately causes your teeth to fall out if left untreated. Your dentist finds the earliest signs of these problems and cleans your teeth to treat the condition when it occurs.

Keeping Your Bad Habits From Causing Big Oral Health Problems

If you drink too many sugary beverages, brush your teeth with too much force, bite your nails, smoke or grind your teeth, these bad habits lead to bigger oral health problems. Your dentist recognizes early signs of problems caused by these types of habits. He provides guidance on how to stop damaging your smile and bite through poor lifestyle choices and problems like bruxism.

X-Rays, Screenings and Visual Exams

Through use of X-rays, oral screenings and visual exams, your dentist finds signs of disease and other oral health problems. The dentist examines your bones, gums and other oral tissues with the help of leading-edge technology. He can find problems like tooth decay, gum disease, cysts, tumors, bone abnormalities, and cancer through regular checkups.

When your dentist finds these types of problems, he refers you to medical doctors or specialists for diagnosis and treatment as needed. This means a simple dental check up possibly provides early life saving detection of major health problems.

Dental Check Ups Prove Important for Everyone

No matter your age, you need regular check ups at the dentist’s office. For people throughout Richardson and surrounding areas, these checkups take place at Dentistry By Design. Dr. Bradford Tiner and his caring staff help you achieve your best oral health through twice yearly dental exams and professional cleanings. Other dental services provided at Dentistry By Design include:

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