About Us


about usAt Dentistry by Design our purpose is to provide our patient family with the values of old fashioned caring using cutting edge dental technologies. Dr. Brad Tiner purchased the Dentistry by Design location in 2012 from a retiring, Dallas-area dentist. His goal for our practice was to be a “one stop” location where families could have all of their oral care needs addressed in a single facility.

Our team delivers some of the most advanced care procedures in all of North Texas, and even the country. We implement state of the art equipment to make your visit more efficient, successful, and as gentle as possible.

Some of Our Technology Includes:

CEREC Same Day Crowns

Any dentist can offer a same-day crown, but it takes extensive training and experience to master the process. We have. At Dentistry by Design, your new crown will fit like a glove, and look like a real tooth.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

Our Sirona XG3D cone beam CT equipment provides us with 3D imaging of your teeth, jaws, and other orofacial anatomy. This increases the success and streamlined placement of restorations such as dental implants.

Dental Microscope

Microscopes are frequently utilized by specialists, but Dr Tiner uses it during root canal therapy to find hidden canals and calcifications, ensuring a better outcome.

The Wand

Avoid uncomfortable local anesthetic injections with our computerized anesthesia delivery system.This accurate and less painful method alleviates stress and the use of large needles.

Soft and Hard Tissue Lasers

Enjoy minimally invasive techniques without the drilling or a scalpel. Lasers are used frequently for gingival recontouring, fillings, frenectomy, and even cold sore treatments.


about usWe want your visit at our Richardson office to be as relaxing as possible. Our reception area is stocked with water, juice, and a Keurig machine. Once you’re back in one of our chairs, we also offer warm blankets, cable television mounted on the ceiling above our chairs, headphones – and even massage chairs in some of our operatories!

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